Luxurious Eye Lashes

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Meet our Luxurious eyelashes you’ve only met in your dreams. It's full Slay. Every day is a good lash day when you’ve got natural-looking length, intense volume, eye-defining color and dramatic curl. Our unique design and flexible lash band eliminate all the frustration associated with traditional falsies, whether you have natural lashes or not. Made from our proprietary Luxurious Vegan Silk™, these lightweight lashes are designed to maintain curl and shape for up to 30 wears.



We recommend gently using tweezers to remove the bulk of the glue. Then using a cotton swab/ball soaked in makeup remover, gently swab both sides of the lashes. Lastly, use another swab with rubbing alcohol and wipe down both sides again to help remove any remaining residue. Wipe/rub gently.



After removing remaining adhesive, store back in our Diamond Luxurious case to extend the life of your Luxury lashes. With proper care, Luxurious Faux Lashes can be worn up to 30 times.